How to Change Direct Deposit at Walgreens

We’ve all had those moments where we need to make adjustments to our financial information, and Walgreens makes it relatively easy for its employees. But to make sure the whole ordeal goes over smoothly, here’s a step-by-step guide to make sure your pay gets to the right place. 

  1. Begin by logging into StoreNet, Walgreens’ employee portal, 
  2. Find the “Tools” section and proceed to “People Central,” 
  3. Access “Payment Info” and select the “Edit” option, 
  4. Select the “Direct Deposit” option and fill out all the required bank information, 
  5. Save changes so that the updated information is recorded accurately. 

In our guide, we’ll also delve into pinpointing the best time to make this shift and see if it’s possible to have multiple direct deposit accounts. Furthermore, we’ll provide insights on where to source the essential details required to set up this feature correctly, ensuring that there are no hiccups when payday arrives. 

What You’re Going to Need

A few key employee and banking details, as well as a stable internet connection, are all you need to change your direct deposit information at Walgreens. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll need:

  • Employee details – this includes your employee ID and login credentials, 
  • Banking information – your bank’s routing number and your account number are crucial, 
  • Stable internet connection – needed to access Walgreens’ StoreNet and make the necessary changes without disruptions. 

Video Tutorial

While this video tutorial isn’t an exhaustive step-by-step guide specifically tailored to the direct deposit process at Walgreens, it serves as an excellent starting point, getting you acquainted with how this feature works and outlining the essential information required to either set it up or make changes:

Step 1: Log into StoreNet

To kick off the process, you’ll want to access StoreNet, the online portal for Walgreens employees. If you’re new to it, StoreNet is essentially the company’s digital hub for its staff, making tasks like managing personal information and checking schedules a breeze. To log in, you’ll need two key pieces of information – your employee ID and associated password. 

If, for any reason, you encounter problems with logging in, you can try logging into the Walgreens Boots Alliance website. If you select the “Ask Walgreens” option on the page’s left side, which will unveil a curated collection of “Useful Links” on the right. Here, select the “People Central” button, and you can easily skip the next step. 

Step 2: Access Tools and People Central

Once you’ve successfully logged into StoreNet, navigate to and select the section labeled “Tools” on the homepage – this is your gateway to several employee resources. From there, proceed by clicking on “People Central,” where all your personal details reside, enabling you to view and, in this case, make amendments to your information with ease. 

Step 3: Select Payment Info and Choose the Edit Option

Having successfully entered the People Central platform, cast your eyes toward the top left corner. You’ll notice a drop-down arrow next to “Home.” Give that a click, and from the ensuing options, pick “My Personal File.” The screen will then showcase a prominent green bar, within which you’ll find “Payment Information.” 

Venturing into this section will present you with your current payment details, ready for any modifications. To move forward, select the “Direct Deposit” choice. You should easily spot the little pencil icon on the top right – that’s the key to editing your payment information. 

Step 4: Fill Out the Necessary Information

The next step is pivotal – accurately inputting your banking details. To streamline this process, here’s a breakdown of the required information. 

Required InformationDescription
Name and AddressYour full name and current address as registered with your bank
Bank NameThe official name of your bank or credit union
Account NumberA unique sequence of numbers identifying your bank account
Routing NumberA distinct 9-digit code that identifies your specific bank branch
Type of AccountThe nature of your account – Checking, Savings, or other types

As for finding the required information, your bank statements or the bank’s online portal typically offer great guidance. The bottom of every check usually displays both the account and routing numbers, while the type of account is often noted within your bank statements or online banking dashboard. If ever in doubt, a swift visit or call to your bank can clarify any uncertainties. 

Step 5: Double-Check Everything and Save the Changes

Accuracy is paramount when adjusting your banking details. So, before finalizing, double-check each entry meticulously, especially the routing number. Some banks may share names but possess different routing numbers, so it’s essential to match this to your specific bank branch. 

The tiniest oversight can impede the smooth processing of your direct deposit – an accurate input today promises hassle-free transactions down the line. As an added measure, touch base with your HR team or direct supervisor at Walgreens to validate that everything’s been configured appropriately. 

If you notice any discrepancies once it’s time for payroll, don’t hesitate to connect with Walgreens’ HR or the payroll department. Being thorough and well-informed not only empowers you to make confident adjustments but also ensures your earnings are directed precisely where they should be, right on time.

When Is the Best Time to Change Your Direct Deposit at Walgreens?

It’s best to change your direct deposit at Walgreens a couple of days in advance, as it will ensure a seamless experience on payday. At times, the system might require an entire pay cycle before reflecting the new changes. Should there be any hiccups in the direct deposit process, be aware that a physical check will be dispatched to your respective store.

Can You Have Multiple Direct Deposit Accounts at Walgreens?

No, you can’t have multiple direct deposits at Walgreens. As of 2018, Walgreens made a policy shift, and now employees can register only one account for direct deposit purposes. This means maintaining both a checking and savings account simultaneously isn’t an option. If you’re keen on directing funds to savings, you’ll need to facilitate a transfer separately. 

Final Thoughts

Navigating the direct deposit system at Walgreens might seem complicated at first, but once you’re familiar with the steps, it’s relatively straightforward. Remember, it’s all about accessing the right sections within StoreNet and ensuring your banking details are accurate. Here’s to smooth financial transactions and a hassle-free payday experience at Walgreens!

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