What Time Does MetaBank Direct Deposit Hit? (Pathward Bank)

If you’re like most people, you rely on direct deposit to get your paycheck every month. But what time does MetaBank direct deposit hit? If you’re not sure, don’t worry—we’ve got all the answers for you here. Keep reading to learn when your money will be in your account.

What time does MetaBank direct deposit hit? MetaBank Direct Deposit usually hits between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. on the same day. However, it can sometimes take up to two business days for the funds to be completely deposited into your MetaBank account.

MetaBank has been serving people and specialized markets for years. They work in four main areas: Payments, Tax Services, Commercial Finance, and Consumer Lending.

MetaBank Direct Deposits

Direct depositing has been one of the most popular ways of money transfers nowadays. It’s safe, fast and easy. You will need a few things to set it up, and you can get your money directly deposited into your MetaBank account. Anything from tax refunds to your monthly payments can be done with direct deposit with MetaBank. Direct deposit is an online bank-to-bank transfer of funds. The funds go from your payer’s account, through ACH (Automated Clearing House), to your MetaBank account without any physical checks. To set up a direct deposit on your MetaBank ACE Flare® account, you will first need to follow a few steps. 

  • Log in to your MetaBank account. 
  • Download the Direct Deposit Authorization Form using your mobile or computer.
  • Fill up the form with your name, address, phone number, account number, and the bank’s routing number. 
  • Present your payer or the government the filled-up form, and wait for it to be processed. 

First direct deposits can take a few days to set up. You can ask your payer for the information on when you will be able to start receiving your direct deposit. Remember that MetaBank may also ask for your driver’s license or your ID to deter your identity. Do not give out your personal information other than your payer or employer. 

Does MetaBank Direct Deposit Early?

If you open an ACE Flare® account with MetaBank and use direct deposit, you will be able to receive your funds up to two days before your actual pay date. Meaning that if you’re getting paid on Friday, you will be able to use your funds on Wednesday. To set up an early direct deposit, contact your payroll manager or employer for more information. 

Does MetaBank Direct Deposit on Friday? 

You will be able to receive your direct deposit on a regular Friday with MetaBank. As the ACH and the MetaBank both consider Friday as a working day, you will probably be able to consume your funds if your pay date falls on Friday. If you experience any delays, it might be that your payer didn’t process the payment on time, and you should be able to receive it on the bank’s next business day. 

Does MetaBank Direct Deposit on Saturday?

Unfortunately, MetaBank does not have the option to direct deposit your funds on Saturdays, as the ACH doesn’t process the payments on weekends. However, if your pay date is on Saturday, you can set up an early direct deposit to receive your payment up to 2 days early.   

Does MetaBank Direct Deposit on Sunday? 

MetaBank will not be able to process your payment on a Sunday due to its and the ACH working days. You will most probably experience delays and receive your payment on the following first business day of the bank. With your ACE Flare®, you can schedule an early direct deposit to start spending your cash two days before the actual payment. 

Does MetaBank Direct Deposit on Monday?

You will undoubtedly be able to receive your funds on Monday with MetaBank if the payment is processed on time by your payer and if that Monday is not a bank holiday. If the payment is not processed on time or during a bank holiday, your funds will be directly deposited into your account on the following first working day of the bank. 

Does MetaBank Direct Deposit on Tuesday? 

MetaBank makes direct deposits on Tuesdays. If your payment hasn’t been directly deposited into your account by the end of the day, contact your payer to ensure that your payment is processed correctly or on time. 

Does MetaBank Direct Deposit on Wednesday? 

You should have no complications with receiving your direct deposit on Wednesdays with MetaBank. If everything is processed on time by your payer, wait for the ring on your app so that you can start using your funds. 

Does MetaBank Direct Deposit on Thursday? 

Thursdays are regular business days with MetaBank, so your funds should be on your ACE Flare® account by the end of the day. If you have set up an early direct deposit for the salary that was supposed to arrive on Saturday, you might expect it to arrive today. 


Direct deposits are easier to deal with than physical checks, as you don’t have to wait in lines to have your cash with you. Keep in mind that direct deposits are only available if your employer has an option to do that kind of transfer and that you will most probably experience delays if there is a national holiday on your payday. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What time of day does my direct deposit hit?

Direct deposit is a payment method used by many employers to transfer wages or other payments directly to an employee’s bank account. Generally, direct deposits are available in the employee’s account on the same day each pay period. The exact time of day when the funds will be available varies by bank and may be as early as midnight or as late as 8:00am.

Does MetaBank get paid early?

Yes, MetaBank does get paid early. Through its subsidiary, Meta Payment Systems, MetaBank offers a variety of payment solutions, including Early Pay, which allows customers to receive their paychecks up to two days earlier than normal. This service is beneficial for customers who need access to their funds quickly and can help them manage their finances more effectively.

How long does it take for direct deposit to show in your bank account?

Direct deposit is a convenient way to receive payments into a bank account. Generally, it takes 1-2 business days for the payment to show in the account, depending on the time of day the deposit was initiated. To ensure the deposit goes through, it is important to provide accurate banking information to the payer.

Why is my direct deposit not showing up?

Direct deposit is a method of electronic funds transfer in which an employer deposits an employee’s wages directly into their bank account. However, there are several reasons why a direct deposit may not show up, such as a bank processing delay, incorrect banking information, or the pay date not yet being reached. If an employee’s direct deposit is not showing up, they should contact their employer or bank to investigate the issue and ensure the funds are correctly deposited.
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