What Time Does Direct Deposit Hit Turbo Card?

Turbo Card is just a regular Visa Debit Card that Green Dot operates. It is as easy to use as any other Visa Debit Card. You can find free ATMs all around the US with just a click of a button on their website.

What time does direct deposit hit Turbo Card? The direct deposit will hit your Turbo Card on the same day that the funds are received. The money should be available to use shortly after it’s deposited into your account.

Turbo Card offers many deals and benefits to their cardholders. You can instantly send money to any other cardholder and pay your bills for free using your mobile app or website. 

Turbo Card Direct Deposits

Turbo Card is a low-cost debit card that offers you to pay bills and send or receive money to the card in just a few moments. Turbo Card offers free ATMs all around the world, and you can even search for a free nearby ATM by just entering their website.

Direct deposits are also available with your Turbo Visa Debit Card and can be set up very quickly. Direct deposits are free online fund transactions from one account to another.

Direct deposit is safe to use as the network is encrypted with many layers of security. All direct deposits must go through the Automated Clearing House (ACH), a third-party network that works to get the funds safely from the payer’s to the payee’s account.

Follow the steps below to set up your direct deposit on your Turbo Card. 

  • Get the authorization/ direct deposit form from your payroll manager or your benefits provider.
  • Fill up the form with necessary information like your name, address, account number, and routing number. 
  • Sign and date the form and present it to your payroll manager or your benefits provider for further processing. 

All the necessary information, like your routing and your direct deposit account number, can be found on your app or the Turbo Card website.

If you’re enrolling with direct deposit for receiving government benefits, please visit https://fiscal.treasury.gov/godirect/ to get more info about it. 

Does Turbo Card Direct Deposit Early?

With ASAP Direct Deposit, you can get your income directly deposited onto your Turbo Card up to 2 days earlier. If you’re receiving government benefits, you can even get it up to 4 days earlier than the regular benefits day.

ASAP Direct Deposit depends on when the payer issues payment instructions and fraud prevention limitations. Remember that early direct deposit’s eligibility or timing may change from pay date to pay date.

Does Turbo Card Direct Deposit on Friday?

The availability of your funds on your Turbo Card depends only on your employer or benefits provider. This means that if your regular pay date is Friday, your payer processed the payment on time, and the payment is safe to proceed to your account, you will most certainly get it during the day.

If you’re enrolled with ASAP Direct Deposit, you might expect it to come a few days prior to your paycheck. 

Does Turbo Card Direct Deposit on Saturday?

Turbo Card will not post direct deposits onto your card on Saturday. Even though Turbo Card doesn’t hold your funds, the payment will not be available for processing due to the ACH working hours.

You will most likely receive your cash on the next business day of the Turbo Card or a few days early if you set up an ASAP Direct Deposit. 

Does Turbo Card Direct Deposit on Sunday?

When setting up ASAP Direct Deposit, you can avoid having to wait for that Sunday to pass to get your cash with direct deposit.

Direct deposits are not made on the Turbo Cards on Sunday, so make sure to enroll for that early pay and get your money on your Turbo Card a few days earlier. 

Does Turbo Card Direct Deposit on Monday?

Direct deposits are certainly available, and your funds will be directly deposited to your Turbo Card on Mondays.

Being enrolled with ASAP Direct Deposit when receiving government benefits can get your funds up to 4 days before Monday. 

Does Turbo Card Direct Deposit on Tuesday?

Turbo Card makes direct deposit payments on Tuesdays. So, by the end of the day, you should have your paycheck directly deposited on your Turbo Card.

If the funds don’t arrive on the scheduled date, contact your payer for further information. 

Does Turbo Card Direct Deposit on Wednesday?

Wednesdays are just regular business days for receiving your funds onto your Turbo Card. Check the availability of funds or pending transactions with just a few clicks on your app or their website. 

Does Turbo Card Direct Deposit on Thursday?

The answer is YES! Your money will be onto your Turbo Card by the end of Thursday if the payment is processed correctly and on time by your payer. 


Direct deposits are instant and free with Turbo Card, so make sure to get that form and enroll to start spending your cash as soon as it arrives on your Turbo Card.

If you have any further questions about direct deposits, contact Turbo Card Direct Deposit Hotline at (800) 619-0901.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What time does Turbo Card release funds?

Turbo Card, a product of Intuit, is a prepaid debit card that allows users to access their funds quickly. After a deposit is made, funds are typically released within 1-2 business days. The exact time of release can vary depending on the payment method used and other factors.

How long does it take for money to deposit on Turbo Card?

Turbo Card is a prepaid debit card offered by Intuit, Inc. that allows users to access their funds immediately after a deposit is made. The deposit timeframe for Turbo Card varies depending on the method used, such as direct deposit, bank transfer, or mobile check deposit. Generally, deposits made with direct deposit, bank transfer, or mobile check deposit are available within 1-3 business days.

Does TurboTax card release funds early?

TurboTax card offers early direct deposit of funds, allowing customers to access their money sooner than they would with traditional methods. However, the availability of early direct deposit may vary from pay period to pay period, depending on the timing of the payor’s payment instructions and fraud prevention restrictions. Additionally, customers may be subject to fees for using the TurboTax card.

What time does IRS deposit refunds on TurboTax card?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) typically deposits refunds onto TurboTax cards within 21 days of filing. Generally, the deposits are made on the same day each week, usually the same day that paper checks are mailed out. The exact time of the deposit can vary depending on the financial institution that issued the card.
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