How Long Does a New Jersey Unemployment Direct Deposit Take?

Many unemployed individuals in New Jersey get their funds via direct deposit. In June 2020, however, the system experienced substantial delays. How long should New Jersey residents wait to get their direct deposits? 

How long does a New Jersey Unemployment direct deposit take? The New Jersey Division of Unemployment direct deposit usually takes 2 business days However, there can be delays of up to a month if you fail to fill in your information correctly.

There may also be delays due to a new form of identity verification; after this, you should receive weekly benefits. 

How Do I Set Up Unemployment Direct Deposit? 

The Division of Employment makes it easy for New Jersey residents to set up direct deposits. Create an account at and opt for direct deposit as you set things up. Make sure all of your credentials are up-to-date! 

I Haven’t Gotten My Direct Deposit. Is Something Wrong? 

According to New Jersey’s official web page on the matter, people recertify and receive their unemployment money based on their social security numbers. But things can and do go wrong; in June 2020, many New Jersey residents experienced a 2-day delay in their direct deposits! 

If you think something has gone wrong, be patient. If you are not new to the system, your direct deposit should reach your bank account within 2–3 business days. Take the “business days” advice to heart; this does not count weekends or holidays! 

If you are new to the system, there may be another delay in your unemployment direct deposit. According to, New Jersey recently implemented a new method of identity verification. Your first payment should reach your account within 10–15 business days after verification is complete. 

Things get worse if you enter your information incorrectly. The time it takes to get all of your facts straight may take up to 4 weeks! It is therefore best to make sure you get everything right the first time. 

Finally, if you do not recertify your unemployment status within 28 days, your direct deposits will stop. Luckily, if you recertify and all of your details are the same, you will not need to apply for direct deposit again! 

In short, you may experience delays with your direct deposit if…

  • You are new to the system. 
  • You have not recertified within 28 days. 
  • You entered information incorrectly, meaning that the direct deposit could not be processed. 

Check your account to see if any of these are the case. You may need to recertify your account and/or change your direct deposit information. Follow any instructions on your account page. 

What Should I Do if I Have Not Received My Direct Deposit? 

Before you make any phone calls, please see the New Jersey Division of Unemployment’s FAQ page. It will give you instructions for the majority of issues. If none of these issues is the problem, or you need further assistance, please follow any instructions in your account and contact the New Jersey Department of Labor. 

Is Direct Deposit the Best Way to Get My Money? What About Debit Cards? 

Short answer: yes, direct deposit is the safest, fastest way to get your unemployment money. It takes only a few business days and there is no chance of your card getting lost in the mail. If you have a bank account, there is no reason to get your funds via a debit card. 

Speaking of debit cards, the other option the New Jersey Division of Unemployment offers is a prepaid debit card via My Banking Direct. This is usually the way people get their money if they do not have bank accounts. It is not faster than direct deposit; the debit card has the same wait time of 2 business days. 

Funding Type Pros Cons 
Direct Deposit Gets into your account in 2–3 business days. No chance of getting stolen. Requires a bank account. 
Debit Card Does not require a bank account. Usable wherever MasterCard is accepted. The card can be lost/stolen. MasterCard is not accepted everywhere. 

You may also get a debit card if something goes wrong with your direct deposit. More likely than not, you entered incorrect information into the website, so the department could not verify your identity or bank account. Fix this as soon as possible to receive your funds safely and securely! 

Also, please be aware that these MasterCard-based debit cards are relatively new. The old American Express cards were phased out in August 2022. Contact the New Jersey Division of Unemployment if you still have funds on one of these old cards; you should have received a new card earlier in September. 


Direct deposit is the fastest, safest way to get your money if you are unemployed in New Jersey. As long as you have a legitimate bank account and entered all of your information correctly, you should have no problems getting your direct deposit. Your money should reach your bank account at or near the start of every month. 

But things can and do go wrong when receiving funds via direct deposit. The most obvious of these involve the system being overworked; there is not much you can do about this, so please be patient! If something else has gone wrong, e.g., you entered information incorrectly, follow the instructions on your account. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What day of the week does NJ unemployment pay?

In New Jersey, unemployment benefits are paid on a biweekly basis, usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday. The exact day of payment depends on the payment method chosen by the recipient. To find out the payment schedule, claimants can log in to their online accounts on the MyUnemployment website.

How do I know if my NJ unemployment claim was approved?

In order to determine if a New Jersey unemployment claim has been approved, individuals should refer to the Notice of Determination letter sent by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. This letter will provide information regarding the claim status, including the amount of benefits an individual will receive and the duration of their unemployment benefits. Additionally, claimants can log into their online NJ unemployment account to check the status of their claim.

Is unemployment paid weekly in NJ?

In New Jersey, unemployment benefits are paid on a weekly basis. Individuals must apply for unemployment benefits through the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, and must meet certain eligibility requirements to receive benefits. The amount of benefits received will depend on the individual’s prior wages and other factors.

What state has the highest unemployment pay?

California has the highest unemployment pay in the United States, providing up to $450 per week in unemployment benefits. The amount of unemployment pay is determined by a variety of factors, including the amount of wages earned in the base period and the individual’s weekly benefit amount. California also offers additional benefits such as the Extended Benefits program, which provides additional payments for those who have received regular unemployment benefits for a long period of time.
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