How Long Does It Take for a Direct Deposit at Walmart?

Millions of Americans shop at Walmart stores for food, clothing, and more. Some customers even have a Walmart MoneyCard that can act as a discount and a debit card! But what about employees—are they better off using Walmart’s generous employee paycard, or is direct deposit the best way for them to get their funds? 

How long does it take for a direct deposit at Walmart? Most Walmart deposits are processed within two to three business days. However, in some cases it may take up to five business days. To ensure the quickest possible turnaround time, be sure to have your bank account and routing number available when you initiate the deposit.

If you are an employee, you can get some funds earlier via Even Instapay. The paycard program at Walmart is also better than most if you need help managing your money. 

When Do I Get Paid? 

All Walmart employees get paid bi-weekly on Thursday. While some sites that talk about this try to spin it as “learn to save money,” any frustration is understandable. Walmart usually schedules its payments such that they land in your account on Thursday between 4–6 a.m. 

If you receive your paycheck via direct deposit, bear in mind that your bank may delay your direct deposit due to either the time the deposit was made or because Thursday happened to fall on a holiday. This is normal. Be patient! 

What Should I Do if Something Has Gone Wrong with My Direct Deposit? 

If your direct deposit is late, it probably has to do with your bank. Call your bank to make sure everything is okay if you are concerned about your direct deposit. 

More specifically, several Walmart employees had issues with Chime in 2022. This issue was between Chime, a fintech service rather than an actual bank, and Walmart. At the time, other people were also having issues with Chime, but similar problems may occur as financial technology moves away from brick-and-mortar banks. 

In the worst-case scenario, you may have to ask your manager about future actions—especially if you suspect fraud. 

Can I Get an Early Direct Deposit? 

If getting paid on Thursday doesn’t suit you, it is possible to access 50% of your funds up to 2 days early via the Even Plus app. Enter your information into the app to activate the service. Direct deposits of this kind may be limited to one request per week. 

The Even service also offers…

  • Financial planning (Even Plus) 
  • Evenly spread your paychecks across bills. 
  • “Okay to spend” —Even sets aside money for bills and energy funds, letting you know how much of your paycheck is okay to spend. 

Bear in mind that Even draws only from money that you have already earned. For example, if you withdraw 50% of your funds on a Tuesday (before you get paid on Thursday), you would be able to draw from those funds. You would not be able to get money from next week’s paycheck because you haven’t yet earned those dollars. 

To learn more about Even and Instapay, please read the official PDF here. Some features may not be available in Even’s basic program. Read the fine print carefully! 

Is Walmart Exceed Better? 

First, a little clarification: Walmart MoneyCard is not a paycard for employees. It is a special card for customers to get discounts on Walmart purchases. The paycard for Walmart employees is Walmart Exceed, and it is a different animal. 

Format Pros Cons 
Direct Deposit Fast. Safe. Cannot get lost or stolen. Harder to share funds. No savings methods. Need a bank account. 
Exceed Card 
The Piggy Bank feature makes it easy to save for rainy days (or vacations). Share money using a second card. 
The card can get lost or stolen. Not all places accept MasterCard. 

Of all the paycards out there, Exceed has some of the most generous features to let employees manage their money. The Piggy Bank and Secondary Card features allow the paycheck to be split between investments and family members. To learn more about the Exceed Card at Walmart, check their website. 

But it is still a physical card, and those come with the catches of potentially getting lost or stolen. Note, too, that the Exceed Card is technically branded by MasterCard. Make sure that the place you intend to use it at accepts MasterCard before attempting to buy something! 

It may be tempting to get an Exceed Card due to its budgeting options. Most people should still probably use direct deposit for a safe, secure transfer of funds. But this is one case where the paycard almost exceeds direct deposit in terms of being a good idea. 


Like many employers, Walmart offers its employees an option to have their funds deposited directly into their bank accounts. This takes the standard 2–3 days. There may be hiccups due to your bank, but Walmart usually does its best to make sure that your funds reach you every other Thursday. 

Walmart employees also have the option to get 50% of their earnings early through the Even app. The Even app lets employees draw from their paychecks for a faster form of direct deposit. There are caveats to the Even app, such as some services requiring payment, but it may be worthwhile for people who want a faster direct deposit. 

But if you go with the Exceed Card instead of direct deposit, nobody will blame you. The Walmart Exceed Card has multiple options to help you manage your money. As far as paycards go, it’s by no means bad but cannot compare to the convenience and security of direct deposit. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How does Walmart direct deposit work?

Walmart direct deposit is a convenient way for employees to receive their wages electronically, directly into their bank accounts. Funds are automatically transferred from Walmart to the employee’s designated bank account on payday. Employees must provide Walmart with their banking information in order to set up a direct deposit.

How long does direct deposit take to show up in my account?

Direct deposit is an electronic payment system that allows employers to deposit funds directly into an employee’s bank account. It is usually faster than other payment methods, and most deposits are available within 1-2 business days. In some cases, it may take up to 5 business days for the funds to appear in the employee’s account.

Do you get paid a day early with direct deposit at Walmart?

Yes, Walmart MoneyCard holders can receive their direct deposit payments up to two days early with Early Direct Deposit. This service is available to all customers and can be activated through the Walmart MoneyCard mobile app. Early Direct Deposit is a convenient way for customers to access their funds faster and manage their finances more effectively.

Will my first Walmart check be direct deposit?

No, your first Walmart check will not be direct deposit. Walmart requires employees to wait until they are paid a second time before they can set up direct deposit. To set up direct deposit, employees must provide Walmart with a voided check or a direct deposit form with their bank account information.
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