How Long Does Poshmark Take to Direct Deposit?

Along with eBay and Mercari, Poshmark is one of the biggest social online marketplaces. But how long will it take for you to get your money? And does it have any advantages like Mercari’s instant cash feature? 

How long does Poshmark take to direct deposit? Poshmark typically directs deposits within 2-3 business days after a buyer has received their item and confirmed its authenticity. The time it takes for the funds to become available in the buyer’s account depends on their bank’s processing time. Generally, most banks process deposits within 1-2 business days.

How Does Poshmark Direct Deposit Work? 

The customer base on Poshmark is nothing if not savvy. The site is so focused on authenticity and customer satisfaction that sellers are not paid until the buyer confirms that they have received exactly what was described. That means your money depends on both the postal service and the honesty of your buyer! 

After the transaction is successful, direct deposit resumes as normal. It usually takes 2–3 days for funds to arrive in the seller’s account. Poshmark has excellent customer service in case something goes wrong with your direct deposit. 

However, a word of warning: banks tend to be wary of large amounts of money entering bank accounts. Since Poshmark favors large, expensive transactions, your funds may be held for an additional amount of time. Be ready to explain that you sold a designer dress! 

How Does Its Direct Deposit Compare to Amazon, eBay, and Mercari? 

Heads-up: this is going to be a big section. Not only are we going to compare direct deposit methods, but we will also look at how Poshmark compares to the big marketplaces in a few other ways—including how much of your sales they take. 

Poshmark’s fee policy claims to be simple, but it is more complicated than any other store. Sales under $15 take a flat $2.95—that’s guaranteed to be 20% or more of your profit! But sales over $15 take a solid 20%. 

If you have an authentic item that may be worth hundreds of dollars, it may be worth finding a buyer on Poshmark. Generalist marketplaces may be more skeptical. 

eBay and Mercari also have a feature that Amazon doesn’t: instant pay. This usually costs a small fee but allows instant access to your money. Poshmark does not seem to have this feature, either. 

So, let’s say you found some brand new designer shoes in your closet. Where’s the best place to sell them? Where will you get your money fastest? 

This chart should simplify things: 

Service Direct Deposit Time % of Profits to Site (Commission) Features 
Poshmark 2–3 business days with no errors. Total time is dependent on the buyer approving the item. $2.95 for items under $15; 20% for more expensive goods. Specialized market; authenticity is a priority; social media platform 
Mercari Up to 5 business days; usually faster. Minutes via Instant Pay. 10% Haggling, store credit, immediate access to funds.  
eBay 1–3 business days; faster directly with a fee. 12.9–15% Auction; automatic direct deposit; instant access for a small fee.  
Amazon Up to 5 business days.6%–45%; average 15% Low prices; massive audience

Except for Amazon, Poshmark has the worst commission of the major online marketplaces. If you need cash quickly, its direct deposit is fine, and it has excellent customer service. But if you can make the same amount of money elsewhere, it may be better to go that way, especially if they have an instant pay service! 

What Makes Poshmark Different from Other Online Shopping Sites? 

A summary of Poshmark might be necessary for those who have not heard of it. Unlike other online marketplaces which sell everything under the sun, Poshmark is dedicated to uniting fashion enthusiasts. This mindset affects how it handles money, especially regarding high-end luxury items. 

With that in mind, Poshmark has several unique features. These features include: 

  • Posh Parties—online events that unite buyers and sellers with similar fashion tastes. 
  • PoshPost—Like many online sellers, Poshmark offers pre-made shipping labels. 
  • Posh Protect—insurance lets buyers report fraudulent, damaged, or otherwise misrepresented items. 
  • Posh Authenticate—Similar to the above, but an authenticity guarantee for luxury items valued over $500. 

In other words, while Amazon and eBay sell everything, Poshmark focuses almost exclusively on clothes and fashion. It also places a higher focus on social networking than many major online marketplaces. And if you’ve ever gotten a knockoff item from Amazon or eBay, you know how valuable authenticity can be! 


Poshmark can be better than other major marketplaces in two major ways: specialization and social functions. For people who have a passion for fashion, this might push it over sites like Amazon, eBay, and Mercari. It takes the opposite approach of Amazon, which has everything, by giving a smaller audience exactly what it wants. 

But is it better at giving you your money? If all of your friends are already on Poshmark, you may have a few potential buyers who will snap your item up in a heartbeat. Once you do the math for the commission fee, you may want to consider other options. 

When it comes to direct deposit, Poshmark is decidedly average. Most online marketplaces say “up to 5 business days,” and only eBay and Poshmark say otherwise. But eBay and Mercari have an additional service where you can get cash instantly for a small fee, and Poshmark doesn’t. 

So, what to do with your designer shoes? If you don’t have friends on Poshmark, it may be better to gamble on Mercari or eBay. Bear in mind that one goes down and the other goes up based on what price you set, but both have instant pay features and more reasonable direct deposits! 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How long does a direct deposit take?

Direct deposit is a type of electronic funds transfer (EFT) that allows money to be electronically deposited into a bank account. Generally, the funds will be available within one to three business days. However, the exact time frame may vary depending on the financial institution and the method of initiating the transfer.

How long does Poshmark withdrawal take?

Poshmark withdrawal is the process of transferring money earned from selling items on the platform to a bank account. The time it takes to receive the funds depends on the payment method chosen, with bank transfers taking 1-3 business days and direct deposits taking 1-2 business days. Poshmark also offers a Poshmark Credit Card which allows users to access their funds instantly.

Is Poshmark safe for direct deposit?

Poshmark is an online marketplace that allows users to buy and sell clothing, shoes, and accessories. While the platform is generally considered safe, users should be aware of potential scams when using direct deposits. To protect themselves, users should always verify the seller’s identity and payment information before making a purchase.

How do I get direct deposit on Poshmark?

Poshmark offers its users the ability to receive their earnings through direct deposit. This feature is available to all users with U.S. bank accounts, and can be enabled through the ‘Payment Settings’ page in the app. To get started, users must enter their bank account information and verify their identity with a valid ID.
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