How to Change Direct Deposit for Unemployment in New York

With unemployment rates still high amidst economic uncertainty, many New Yorkers rely on unemployment insurance benefits administered by the New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) to make ends meet. A key component of receiving benefits is setting up direct deposit to have your weekly or biweekly unemployment payments deposited directly into your bank account. This avoids delays and ensures you get access to your entitlement as soon as the NYSDOL releases the funds.

However, life situations may require you to update your banking details tied to the direct deposit. For instance, you may have switched banks or accounts. Failing to update your direct deposit information can lead to payment errors and delayed disbursements. Thankfully, New York allows beneficiaries to easily change direct deposit details for unemployment insurance online, by phone, mail or visit to a NYSDOL office.

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to change direct deposit information for unemployment benefits in New York. Key information covered includes:

  • Eligibility requirements for direct deposit of unemployment
  • Gathering account details needed to set up direct deposit
  • Logging into your NYSDOL online account
  • Navigating account settings to update bank account details
  • Confirming submission of changes and notification from NYSDOL
  • Timeline for changes to take effect
  • Alternate ways to modify account information
  • Overview of associated costs and fees
  • Options to change or cancel direct deposit

Whether you have lost your unemployment benefits debit card or changed banks, following the guidelines here will ensure you can seamlessly redirect your unemployment insurance payments to the right account.

Correct direct deposit information for unemployment benefits can prevent payment errors and fraud risks. Updated information can also prevent payment delays. So, you must keep your direct deposit information updated.

1. Gather Your Bank Account Information

A change in direct deposit information for unemployment benefits in New York requires that you gather your bank account details, such as your 10-12 digits account number, bank name, routing number, account type, contact details, Social Security Number, and your New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) login credentials.

2. Login to

Once all the required information is gathered, visit the New York State Department of Labor’s (NYSDOL’s) official website at On the website’s homepage, click the ‘Sign In’ or ‘Log In’ tab and enter your login credentials (username and password). If you don’t have an account, look for the ‘Register/Sign Up’ option and start the account registration process.

3. Update Your Bank Account Information

Once logged in, look for payment-related options on the website labeled ‘Payments’ or ‘Direct Deposit.’ You will find this option in the ‘profile’ or ‘settings’ section. Click on the designated option, and enter your new bank account information on which you want your unemployment benefits to be sent.

4. Confirm Your Changes

Double-check the provided information before you submit the changes. Once you have verified everything, click the ‘Submit’ or ‘Confirm’ button. After submission, check for a notification acknowledging your request has been received. You can also check the spam/junk folder for the confirmation message.

If you are not sent a confirmation message, you can reach out to the NYSDOL customer support helpline for assistance. You should also keep an eye on incoming payments from NYSDOL. It usually takes at least one payment cycle for the updates to take effect.

What Are the Requirements to Set Up Direct Deposit for Unemployment Benefits in New York?

You must meet the following requirements to set up direct deposit for unemployment benefits in New York.

Active Unemployment Claim

Unemployment benefits are only offered to those with ‘active’ unemployment claims. New York has certain guidelines regarding active unemployment, which involves being jobless for no personal fault. The state reviews everything before approving the claim. Some individuals may be asked to provide previous employment history along with documented job search efforts.

Active Bank Account

Besides the unemployment claim number, a person must have a bank account to be eligible to receive direct deposit payments through NYSDOL. That said, it can be a savings or current account. The designated account must be active and not frozen or closed. Moreover, the bank account must have no restrictions on receiving direct deposit payments. Your bank can confirm whether your account can accept direct deposits.

Proof Of Identity

When applying for direct deposits for unemployment in New York, you must provide some form of state-issued ID proof and Social Security Number (SSN). Since unemployment benefits are subject to taxes, the SSN will be used for tax purposes. The state ID proof will ensure that the unemployment benefits go to the right person and not to a scammer.

What Are the Fees Associated with Direct Deposit for Unemployment Benefits in New York?

No direct fees are involved in setting up your direct deposit for unemployment benefits in New York. That said, there can be some indirect bank-related costs that you must be aware of. Most banks require their account holders to maintain a minimum balance in the bank account. Failure to maintain the required balance can lead to the bank imposing maintenance fees.

You should check with your bank about their policies regarding minimum balance maintenance. It’s also important to know that unemployment benefits are taxable. Therefore, you will have to consider the tax implications as well associated with your unemployment benefits.

What Are the Options to Change or Cancel Direct Deposit for Unemployment Benefits in New York?

You have the following options to change or cancel your direct deposit information for unemployment benefits in New York.

Do it Online

You can login to NYSDOL State’s official website at and navigate to the ‘Payment’ or ‘Direct Deposit’ option. Under this option, you will be able to update or cancel your direct deposit information. After updating or canceling the information, submit the changes. Upon submission, you will be intimated that your direct deposit information has been submitted or canceled.

Visit NYSDOL Office

If you are not tech-savvy, you can visit the NYSDOL office in person and speak to their staff to update or cancel the direct deposit information. NYSDOL will help you with any queries or concerns regarding the process. You can easily find an NYSDOL office near you using the company’s official website. Alternatively, you can use Google to locate their address.


The New York State Department of Labor has mentioned its contact number on its website. You can speak to the company’s customer care representative over the phone to change or cancel the direct deposit information. Of course, make sure to call them during business hours and keep all the required information ready at the time of your call. The working hours are mentioned on the NYSDOL website.

Write a Letter

You can send a formal letter to NYSDOL requesting them to change or cancel your direct deposit information. In the letter, mention your full name (legal name), date of birth, reachable contact details (phone number plus email address), and Social Security Number. For a bank account change request, mention the new banking details as well. Sign the letter and send it to the address mentioned on the NYSDOL website.

When sharing sensitive information, you should always use the correct contact details and address to send your mail or queries. If you cannot locate relevant information easily, you can visit the company’s social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, to send your inquiries and to receive the latest updates from NYSDOL.

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