How to Change Your Direct Deposit on ADP?

If you receive your payment regularly through direct deposit, it’s important to know how to change your direct deposit information on the platform. Here’s how to do it:

1. Log Into Your ADP Account

If you use ADP, you should have the login details. If not, you can obtain them from your organization. Once you obtain them, log in with the credentials (username and password).

2. Locate the “Direct Deposit” Option

Once logged in, navigate to the ‘Direct Deposit’ section under Myself > Pay > Payment Options to add your new direct deposit account information.

3. Enter Your New Bank Information

To add a new bank account number, click on the option ‘Add Bank.’ Enter all the applicable account information, such as your bank account number, account type, routing number, and preferred payment method. Then, click on ‘Next.’

4. Enter Your New Payroll Information

The next screen will prompt you to enter how much payment you want into your new account. You can specify a fixed amount or a certain percentage of your paycheck. The displayed options are:

  • Enter a specified amount
  • Percentage of the paycheck
  • Deposit everything

5. Review and Confirm Your Direct Deposit Requests

To confirm your direct deposit change request, click on the check box that reads, ‘Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement.’ It’s advisable that you double-check everything at this point.

6. Submit Your Direct Deposit Requests

Once you ‘check’ the authorization box, click the SAVE button. You will see a message on the screen stating that your account information has been changed or added. You can logout once you receive this confirmation message.

Depending on the notification method opted by you, this message may be sent to you through email as well. If you receive an email without requesting any changes on your ADP platform, you should contact your organization’s payroll team immediately.

What Are the Benefits of Changing Your Direct Deposit on ADP?

There are many potential benefits of changing your direct deposit on ADP, which are mentioned below:

Highly Secure

Direct deposit is undoubtedly one of the safest ways to receive payments because there is less risk of identity theft, fraud, or things along the same lines.


It’s also more convenient. Since the money will come directly into your account, you will save the time and effort involved in a bank visit. Regardless of your physical location, you will receive the money on the payday.


ADP lets you split the payment between multiple accounts to allocate funds based on your financial needs. You can allocate a certain amount to both your savings and current account. You will have faster access to funds, too.


ADP has certain security mechanisms to protect your financial and personal information. Unlike paper checks, there’s also less risk of payment delays because the funds will be transferred to the account without fail on the designated payday.

What Are the Risks of Changing Your Direct Deposit on ADP?

There are some potential risks involved in changing your direct deposit on ADP. Let’s look at them.

Delay in Payments

Depending on when you update your new account information, there can be some delay in receiving your next payment. Usually, this happens when you make the changes too close to your payday.

Misdirected Payment

A funds transfer payment can fail when someone enters incorrect bank details when providing new account information. Even a single incorrect digit can cause this issue.

Risk of Fraud

Even though the risk is low, there is a slight chance of identity theft. Scammers might trick you into entering your login details into a fake website to scam you.

Internal Policies

Most organizations have internal rules and regulations regarding direct deposit change. Knowingly or not, failure to comply with the organization’s policies can cause delays in processing your payment.

What Is the Cost of Changing Your Direct Deposit on ADP?

No direct cost is involved in changing your direct deposit information on ADP. Only when you request expedited services or assistance in complex situations, there can be some charges. Moreover, certain banks can charge you for account changes.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to contact the respective bank to understand their charges, if any. You should also submit correct information to avoid unnecessary charges involved with failed payments.

While banks do not typically charge for any of these services, different banks may have different policies regarding account-related action through ADP. They will refer you to their fees and related terms and conditions upon contact.

How Long Does an ADP Direct Deposit Take?

Typically, ADP direct deposits take 1-3 business days to clear and appear in an employee’s bank account. However, for new employees, there may be a delay of up to two pay cycles before receiving their first direct deposit due to system-related issues.

If the direct deposit takes longer than usual, it is advised to contact the person in charge of payroll or ADP’s customer service if you are part of the HR department. Note that some banks may not process direct deposits on holidays which could also cause delays.

What are the Other Options for Changing Your Direct Deposit on ADP?”

There are multiple ways to change your direct deposit information on ADP. However, the specific options may depend on your organization and the features enabled on your ADP system. Let’s explore these options.

Support Center

Certain organizations have designated support centers that aid in the process of direct deposit change. From providing the required forms to answering your queries and processing the information, the support center will assist you with various payroll-related tasks, including direct deposit updates.

Contact Payroll Department

Contacting the payroll department is another reliable way of updating your new bank account information on ADP. You can contact your payroll department through whatever communication method your organization uses to interact with employees. They will guide you with the necessary details to initiate the change.

Self-Service Portal

ADP offers an online portal that allows employees to update their personal and financial information conveniently. The portal can be accessed through a web browser or cell phone to make changes to the bank account details. This portal eliminates the need to go through the Payroll representatives.

Phone or Email

While the policies vary among organizations, some may allow you to handle direct deposit change through phone or email. Since it’s difficult to verify identity over the phone or email, some security challenges may be involved in protecting the data. Hence, this may not be the most suitable approach to amend your bank information on ADP.

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