How to Change Direct Deposit Information for Child Tax Credit Payments

Direct deposit stands out as the most convenient option for receiving Child Tax Credit payments from the IRS because of its speed in granting access to funds, in contrast to the slower process of receiving paper checks.

Recipients who opt for direct deposit credits receive funds electronically into their bank account every month on specified dates determined by the IRS. So, the process is quick, easy, and convenient, all at the same time.

Why Might You Need to Change Your Direct Deposit Information?

From correcting errors to security concerns, many circumstances might compel one to change their direct deposit information. Let’s explore them:


When a marriage dissolves, it impacts the financial situation significantly, often necessitating changes in direct deposit information. Updating the direct deposit information ensures the credit goes to the appropriate spouse, typically the child’s custodian.

Account Switch

Switching between current and savings accounts also requires one to update their direct deposit information with the IRS to keep receiving the payments seamlessly. Failure to do so can result in the credit getting misrouted, often resulting in delayed payments. 

Fixing Errors

Discovering errors in bank account information, such as incorrect account numbers or routing numbers, can pose a significant problem in receiving the tax credit. There is a need to update the direct deposit information to rectify the error. 

Security Issues

Sometimes, security concerns can also force a person to update the direct deposit information, especially when there are suspicions regarding the security and confidentiality of the financial data. 

Selecting Paper Check Option

While direct deposit payment is commonly preferred for its convenience, one might consider receiving paper checks for various reasons. In such a situation, updating your mailing information becomes essential to guarantee future payments through checks.

Steps to Change Your Direct Deposit Information for Child Tax Credit Payments

Changing the direct deposit information for child tax credit payments involves a series of steps outlined below:

1. Accessing the IRS Portal

You will start by opening the IRS website ( on your web browser. Within the portal, you will navigate to the section related to Child Tax Credit, typically located under the ‘Credits and Deductions’ category.  

2. Updating Your Bank Account Details

Within the ‘Credits and Deductions’ category, you will see the relevant option to update your new bank account information. You need to follow the onscreen instructions to make the necessary changes, such as entering your account number, routing number, etc.

3. Confirming Your Changes

Incorrect data can cause payment issues. Therefore, review everything before you confirm the changes. Once you submit the changes, the IRS will inspect all the details and then process the changes.

What Should You Do If You Encounter Problems Changing Your Direct Deposit Information? 

If you experience any problem modifying your direct deposit information, you can consider the following steps.

  • IRS imposes certain limitations regarding the change of sensitive information. Therefore, check if you are compliant with the IRS’s guidelines regarding the process of direct deposit change.
  • If you are eligible to receive the credit, follow the correct procedure for updating the new direct deposit information. 
  • Even tiny inaccuracies can cause issues with the processing of direct deposit information. Therefore, you must also verify all the details before submission.
  • If you suspect that your issue is bank-related, you must contact your financial institution so that they can fix the issue from their end.
  • If the problem persists, it’s advisable to contact the Child Tax Credit’s helpline for assistance. As expected, their helpline is designed to provide guidance and support. 

When Should You Expect to Receive Your Next Payment After Changing Your Direct Deposit Information?

Although the exact processing time may differ, the IRS usually takes a few weeks to update the new information. Child Tax Credit is generally issued around the 15th of each month. If the change to your direct deposit is made very close to the payment issue date, it’s possible that the updated information may not apply to the very next payment.

Can You Split the Child Tax Credit Between Two Accounts?

The Child Tax Credit payment cannot be split across two or more accounts. The payment is deposited only into one designated bank account that you have assigned for receiving the credit. This also means only one of the two separated parents of the qualifying child can claim the Child Tax Credit payment.

What Happens If a Payment Goes to a Closed or Incorrect Account?

If the payment goes to a closed or incorrect account, the IRS will attempt to trace the payment and resend it to the updated bank information. However, this process can cause delays in receiving the payment because reprocessing the payment can be a time-consuming affair for the IRS.

Therefore, recipients must always update their current banking information with the IRS to receive payments without delay. The same goes for the mailing address. If you are anticipating payments through checks, it’s essential to update your current mailing address with the IRS.

How Can You Check If a Payment Has Been Deposited into Your Account?

A parent or guardian waiting for the child tax credit payment can confirm its arrival through the options below:

IRS Portal

You can visit the IRS portal ( to access your Child Tax Credit information. To log in successfully, you must provide a few authentication details, such as your date of birth and Social Security Number. 

Check your Mailbox

IRS sends a physical copy of the Child Tax Credit payment, which serves as a formal confirmation of the credit distribution by the IRS. So, you may want to check your mailbox to stay updated about Child Tax Credit payments.

Online Banking

You can inspect the transaction details of the bank account where the Child Tax Credit is expected to arrive. Most banks provide email and text alerts of account activities. Cross-check to see if you have received a notification regarding the credit.

Contact Customer Support

You can also contact the IRS Child Tax Credit customer care hotline at 1-800-829-1040 to inquire about the payment credit. Their representatives will give you clarity regarding the status of the payment.

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