How Long Does an ADP Direct Deposit Take?

If you found this article, you are probably in human resources in some capacity or are an employee frustrated with your payroll. Whether you are a bewildered employee or an HR veteran wondering if something is wrong with your system, this article will answer your questions about ADP direct deposits.

How long does an ADP Direct deposit take? ADP direct deposits usually take 1–3 business days to clear. However, it may take longer for new employees. If your direct deposit is taking longer than usual, your best option is to contact the person in charge of your payroll. 

What is ADP and Why Does It Take That Long? 

Automatic Data Processing, Inc., is an HR payroll service used by thousands of companies in the United States. Employers use it to manage the payroll and taxes of their employees, but can also use it to record attendance and manage their talent. 

Luckily, ADP is usually good at what it does. Most direct deposits will appear in your bank account within 1–3 business days. If you are a regular employee, check with your bank before worrying about ADP. 

Many features of ADP are exclusive to employers and HR staff. Aside from viewing their accounts, employees usually don’t do much with ADP itself. But if you are reading this article, not only are your 1–3 days probably up, but you have also called your bank and made sure that the problem isn’t there

Why is my ADP Direct Deposit Late? And What Can I Do? 

If you notice that your ADP direct deposit is late, you may wonder why. And, if you are not in HR, can you do anything to fix it? 

Your ADP direct deposit could be late for several different reasons: 

  • You are a new employee. There may be a delay of up to 2 pay cycles before receiving your first direct deposit. 
  • There may be a system-related issue. 
  • There may be a hitch with your bank (for example, some banks do not process direct deposits on holidays). 

By now, you have probably noticed that ADP is almost exclusively used by business owners to monitor their employees and manage their payrolls. This means that people who are not in HR may not be able to do much with it. Due to this exclusivity, there are two different sets of advice. 

If you are an employee rather than someone in human resources, there is not much that you can do to check with ADP about your deposit. Go through the grapevine and call your bank’s customer service to see if they know anything about your issue. If that is not effective, call the person in charge of your payroll, and hope that the HR office can fix or otherwise solve your problem. 

If you are in HR and encounter a problem with the system, contact ADP’s customer service at 844-227-5237. Customer service is probably one of the reasons that your company is using ADP in the first place. Please note that ADP does NOT accept customer service calls from regular employees; even online service is limited in this regard.  

How Do I Know If My Employer is Using ADP? 

If you are looking this page up, you probably already know what ADP is. However, if you found this via rabbit hole, you might not know if your employer is using ADP or not. There is, however, a very good chance that they are. 

ADP is used by around 30,430 companies across the United States as of this writing. Many other English-speaking countries also use ADP, but 90% of its users are in the U.S. To see a breakdown of the thousands of companies that use ADP to manage their payrolls, please see this list at of companies and demographics. 

The following table has a more detailed breakdown of how many companies use which payroll service:

Company Usage by U.S. Companies (#) 
UKG Workforce Central 35,000
Ceridian 8,705 

The number of companies using ADP is only eclipsed by those using UKG Workforce Central. UKG Workforce Central is relatively new (April 2020), so many older companies use ADP. ADP has been around since 1949.

The simplest answer to “how do I know if my employer is using ADP or not?” is “they probably are.” This is even more likely if you are in the healthcare industry. If your employer is not using ADP, they are probably using a similar program, and the advice will probably be the same. 

How to Change Your Direct Deposit on ADP?

To change your direct deposit on ADP, first log into your ADP account using your username and password. Navigate to the ‘Direct Deposit’ section under Myself > Pay > Payment Options. Click on ‘Add Bank’ and enter your new bank account number, account type, routing number, and preferred payment method.

Next, specify how much of your paycheck you want deposited into the new account – a fixed amount, a percentage, or everything. Confirm the changes by clicking on the ‘Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement’ checkbox and then click ‘Save’.

A confirmation message will appear indicating that your account information has been changed or added.


If you work in a company in the United States, your company probably uses ADP or a similar service to manage your payroll. These programs directly deposit your paycheck into your bank account with very little human involvement. But even the best systems are not perfect; there can be delays in you receiving your direct deposit. 

These are usually system-related. For example, if you are a new employee, you may have to wait for two pay cycles before receiving your first direct deposit. There may also be an issue with your bank. Finally, if none of these are the case, call your employer to make sure everything is okay. 

Unfortunately, unless you are in the HR department already, there is very little you can do about your ADP deposit being late. Even people in HR will probably need to call ADP about their customer service if there really, truly is a snag. If you are an employee worried that ADP might be affecting your direct deposit, check with your bank first, then call the person in charge of your payroll. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What time does ADP direct deposit hit?

ADP Direct Deposit is an electronic payment system that allows employers to pay their employees’ wages directly into their bank accounts. Payments are typically sent on the same day each pay period, though the exact time of deposit can vary depending on the bank or credit union where the employee has their account. Generally, ADP Direct Deposit payments are processed overnight and will be available in the employee’s account on the morning of the next business day.

Does ADP direct deposit come early?

ADP Direct Deposit is an electronic payment system that allows employers to pay employees directly into their bank accounts. It is a convenient and secure way to receive wages, and it can be set up to arrive on a specific day. In some cases, it is possible for ADP Direct Deposit to come early, depending on the employer’s payroll cycle and the timing of the deposit.

How does ADP work with direct deposit?

ADP is a provider of payroll and human capital management services that offers employers the ability to set up direct deposit for their employees. Through direct deposit, ADP facilitates the transfer of funds from an employer’s bank account to an employee’s bank account, allowing for a secure and convenient method of payment. Employees can also use ADP’s direct deposit service to split their paychecks among multiple accounts.

How long does direct deposit take to show up in my account?

Direct deposit is a convenient way to receive funds into a bank account. Generally, funds from direct deposit will show up in an account within 1-2 business days. However, this time frame may vary depending on the financial institution and the speed of the payment processing.
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