How Long Does It Take Paylocity to Direct Deposit?

Paylocity is an HR software that allows employees a surprising degree of control over their paychecks. It has early direct deposit as an option, for example. But how does Paylocity’s direct deposit time stack up against the speed of other HR services, and what else does it do differently? 

How long does it take Paylocity to direct deposit? It usually takes 2–3 days for Paylocity to direct deposit funds into an employee’s account. However, depending on the bank, it may take up to 5 days for the money to be deposited.

How Does Paylocity’s Direct Deposit Compare to Other Services? 

Paylocity’s direct deposit time is slightly below average, but not by much. They don’t promise guaranteed dates, but 2–3 days is a normal amount of time for a paycheck to reach an employee’s bank. The official quote of 5 days as average probably is not a reason for concern. 

Here are a few other payroll services that offer a direct deposit with the average delivery times: 

Service Average Direct Deposit Time Early Direct Deposit? 
Paylocity 2–5 days. Yes 
QuickBooks 2 banking days. Yes (recent feature) 
ADP 1–3 business days.Yes 
Oracle 1–2 days 
Paycor ?Yes 

(If something is marked with “?”, it means we could not find that information easily on the official website.) 

There is a slight contradiction in Paylocity’s assessment of direct deposit time. The official website asserts that the money takes 2–3 days, a standard amount of time, to reach someone’s bank account. But it also says that most employees get their money in 5 days. 

This discrepancy is probably because banks have their own rules about direct deposits. This is covered more in the next section, but if you want a quick explanation, banks have their own schedules outside of Paylocity. The software cannot control all the variables that go into making a direct deposit. 

If anything, Paylocity is a little slower than most other payroll services. Some services like QuickBooks have things set up that HR is highly encouraged to set up direct deposit two days before it’s due. Paylocity seems to offer little assistance on that front. 

What Should I Do if My Paylocity Direct Deposit is Late? 

If you suspect your direct deposit is late, the first thing to do is “don’t panic.” Second, look at the calendar and remember that most banks have all of the following restrictions: 

  • Deposit deadlines. Many banks deposit all direct deposit forms at once, usually in the morning. Since many paychecks go out on Friday, money sometimes doesn’t reach their bank until Monday. 
  • No direct deposits on weekends. 
  • No direct deposits on holidays. 
  • Their own restrictions, sometimes. Check with your bank about these. 

If none of these common issues apply, and you are still concerned, contact your HR department. Chances are that it’s a clerical error. The sooner the issue gets resolved, the sooner you will get your direct deposit. 

Please note that only your employer can access Paylocity’s customer service. If you are in the HR department, you can call customer service at 888-873-8205 or email Paylocity’s support team at [email protected]. Again, these services are not accessible to employees. 

How to Change Your Direct Deposit on Paylocity

To change your direct deposit on Paylocity, first log into your account using the URL, username, and password provided by your HR/Payroll department. Navigate to the ‘Payroll’ or ‘Pay’ section and find the ‘Direct Deposit’ or ‘Bank Account’ option.

Here, you can edit your existing bank details. Enter your new bank account number, full name, account type (savings or checking), and routing number. Verify these details before submitting changes.

Request confirmation of this change from your HR/Payroll team and monitor your bank account for new deposits to ensure successful implementation. If you encounter any issues or have questions, contact Paylocity through their website’s contact options.

Does Paylocity Allow for Early Direct Deposit? 

Let’s say you need some money earlier than usual. Your usual payday is Friday, but that’s the day you want to leave for a trip. You’ve heard about this thing called “early direct deposit” that lets you get funds a day or two early, but can Paylocity do it? 

The short answer is “yes!” Paylocity has a feature called “On Demand Payment” that lets employees access their funds early. Talk to your employer if you may need on-demand payment soon. 

By now, you may have noticed that not all features of Paylocity are accessible to employees. On-demand payment is only adjustable by higher staff. One could argue that more of Paylocity’s features should be gated like this, but that is a debate beyond this article. 

What Else is Different? 

Paylocity is different from many other HR services in that it encourages employees to use their software. Along with many services for HR assistants and supervisors, Paylocity has training modules for employees so that they can do some of the HR work for you. They also have a substantial, helpful FAQ page of common employee issues. 

If you’re thinking that employees using this system opens it up to abuse, you’re right. Reviews have pointed out that letting employees punch their own time cards could lead to fraud. Gaps like this will probably be addressed in future versions of Paylocity. 


Paylocity’s focus on employee-friendliness offers workers a lot of control over when they get their paychecks. They usually set up direct deposits in their own accounts. Once properly arranged, the deposit usually reaches the employee’s bank account somewhere between 2–5 days. 

But things can still go wrong. Chances are it’s a common mistake with missing the deposit deadline, or someone didn’t fill in the banking information properly. If you are concerned, please contact your HR department. 

Overall, Paylocity is designed to be employee-friendly HR software. This means it is exploitable and can also be more prone to error because more hands are entering information. Some features, like on-demand payment, are locked behind your HR office for a reason. 

Paylocity is far from perfect software; if anything, its direct deposit service is slower than average. Its biggest asset is how accessible it is to employees. Some features should still probably be up to your employer. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can you get paid early with Paylocity?

Yes, Paylocity offers an Early Pay service that allows employees to receive their paychecks up to two days earlier than their regular paydays. This service is available to employers and employees who use the Paylocity payroll system. Early Pay is a convenient way for employers to ensure their employees have access to their wages in a timely manner.

Does Paylocity have direct deposit?

Yes, Paylocity offers direct deposit as a payment option for its employees. It is a secure, convenient, and cost-effective way for employers to pay their employees without having to issue paper checks. Employees can easily set up their direct deposit information through Paylocity’s online portal.

How do I receive money from Paylocity?

Paylocity is an online payroll and HR software provider that allows employers to pay their employees quickly and securely. Employees can receive their wages through direct deposit, paper check, or the Paylocity Prepaid Mastercard. To receive money through Paylocity, employees must first set up their direct deposit or prepaid card and then their funds will be available on their payday.

How often do you get paid on Paylocity?

Paylocity is a payroll and human resource management system used by employers to pay their employees. Employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis, with each pay period lasting two weeks. Paylocity also allows employees to access their pay stubs and W-2s online, as well as manage their direct deposit information.
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